Google Penalizes Purchased Links by Removing Their Effects

When a site is penalized for selling links, are all the sites to which the URLs published on this penalized site point also affected by a penalty? This is the interesting question posed today by a webmaster to Matt Cutts. Google’s anti-spam manager answers it in a new video . “Normally, when the engine notices that a site is selling links, its PageRank will drop by 30, 40 or 50% to show that Google has less confidence in this site. This makes it lose its ability to transmit PageRank in the future,” he explains. Matt Cutts makes it clear that this concerns all sites benefiting from outgoing links from the penalized site, whether sites that have purchased links or others.

Whether sites that have purchased links

As could for example be a demotion. This is, in essence, the response from google. Whose engine was recently accused of no longer showing ios applications in its results. It all Benin Phone Number List started with the remark of ouriel ohayon , co-founder of appfire. The publisher of whatsapp. Who was surprised “that it has become impossible to find iphone and ipad applications with a simple request. He claimed that a query like “twitter iphone app” no longer brings. Up the link to itunes first. He also posted a screenshot. Showing that the request “whatsapp app” brought up a link to the google play store, but not to the itunes page.

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which may prevent users from easily finding iTunes apps in search results?

The case was then taken up by many online news sites. Including by seo specialists citing a possible problem of duplicate content on itunes pages. Mountain view acknowledged CG Leads that it currently has “some issues. Fetching pages from itunes web servers. The press release also explains that “the teams are working. So that internet users can find what they are looking for”. Matt cutts, google’s anti-spam manager, was a bit more specific on twitter. Saying that “itunes web servers throw a lot of 403 errors when certain ips request them. He also made it clear that it was apple’s fault and not google ‘s. And that this issue was a normal consequence of 403 errors being sent to the google bot.

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