Google Brings Up Five Times Fewer Malicious Sites Than Bing

Well known for regularly evaluating the various anti-malware solutions, the independent German institute AV-Test is this time publishing a study on search engines. For 18 months, more than 40 million websites reported by the main search engines were analyzed to find out if they contained malware Results: Google brings up the fewest infected sites. Bing brings it up 5 times more, and Yandex 10 times more. Out of nearly 11 million sites, Google served 272 potentially dangerous sites , and Bing 1285 (0.012%). For Yandex, 3,300 dangerous links were counted, out of a larger total number of sites analyzed: more than 13 million . Blekko, tested on a much smaller sample (3 million sites), obtained the second best rate (203 infected sites, or 0.0067%).

Google brings up the fewest infected sites

The study refers to the “first results” ( top results ). And therefore suggests that only the first page of results was analyzed. Even if it does not detail this aspect. The Belarus Phone Number List russian yandex did not fail to challenge the methodology. By asking a series of questions to. Which the study does not always answer very well (what exactly does the study mean by ” malware ” and “malware found. Is reporting the potential infection of a site taken into account, etc.). As for google, av-test recalls that mountain view processes 2 to 3 billion requests every day. Its engine therefore serves “hundreds of thousands” of malware to its users every day. The study also points out that malicious links very often. Appear on “hot” news content, because, explains markus . Selinger of av-test “users are less suspicious of this type of content.

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Submit an application that is a little too perfect

Both Google and Apple’s app stores appreciate an app that is regularly updated. Of course, this is in no way to offer an application that is too imperfect. But it can be CG Leads clever to offer a first version of the application, certainly already very solid, but while planning a series of updates each bringing attractive new features. The indicators provided by the analysis tools mentioned above can also make it possible to detect possible avenues for improvement to be integrated during these regular updates. And, bonus, as updates are pushed to smartphones, they will also give new visibility to the application.

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