Google Authorship and Its Perspectives on Seo

As you can see, google is deploying more. And more effort and updating to maintain. Its leading position as the search engine par excellence. The reason behind these commercial efforts is very simple. To offer relevant quality results to users of the google search engine. This directly explains the arrival of algorithms such as Penguin and Panda . These aim to penalize webmasters who use dubious techniques to manipulate search results to the detriment of users. These recent upgrades are signals that suggest that Google is working on its concept to prioritize certain quality sites,to the detriment of other sites which are only duplicates or pollution on the web. Signals from giant Google are not new and are based on concepts that have been around for quite some time.

The Author Rank will be via the Google social network

Well-optimized pages, quality content that really responds to a request or a search query. Inbound links that act as votes in elections. And ultimately social media signals that Azerbaijan Phone Number List attest to the popularity of the content. Several web marketing professionals such as sherbrooke seo agency and seomoz. Predict the coming of a new signal that will undoubtedly be very popular . Within a few years: the authorrank. The author rank will be implemented via the google+ social network and will  To measure the influence of a given author on a particular topic. The patent on the idea was already filed by google in 2005 and is still simmering in google’s labs to this day. Please note that although the AuthorRank is not yet an official signal.

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According to some experts

It is strongly recommended to start building your reputation as an author in your field using rich snippets! In the meantime, this will increase your almost guaranteed. You CG Leads can current elements of Google with a prospect of improving search results. test your snippets easily with this direct link to Google Webmaster Tools. According to some experts, the AuthorRank (AR) would be composed of several factors such as: the level of engagement via Google+, the number of people in your Googlecircles, the frequency of news via Google+, the number of comments per post, the reach of other social media, the number of 1 and finally the PageRank. Of course, this is still quite hypothetical, but it is a representation of a logical formula that combines the best current elements of Google with a prospect of improving search results.

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