Google Assistant: Know the Features of the Device and How to Use It!

The google assistant is a technological resource used to do voice. Searches on google, help the user to find information on the internet. And execute actions on their mobile devices. The google assistant is one of the many successes that the american brand has. Had in recent years. Different studies have even placed it as the most effective. Virtual personal assistant in the world, above apple’s siri. Amazon’s alexa and microsoft’s cortana. For example, the analytics. Company loup ventures cataloged it as the most reliable virtual assistant. Of 2018, correctly answering 88% .Of user requests in voice searches through google home.

What is the Google Assistant?

It is a virtual assistant developed through artificial intelligence. Which is mainly available for mobile and home devices. One of the main features of this tool is that it has the potential to develop. Two-way conversations, which guarantees a much more real and effective interaction. This construction companies email addresses feature makes this assistant comply with the trends. In digital marketing and commercialization, which seek to get closer to the customer. Satisfy their problems and avoid all those frictions that. Can motivate them to change brands. Bravo for google! Of course, google assistant was not always so famous and acclaimed. Like any new tool, it was slowly gaining ground in the market. To talk about its debut we have to go back to may 2016.

How Does Google Assistant Work?

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To use the Google Assistant on your phone or a Google Home speaker, all you have to do is say something associated with a command. For example, if you want to activate the alarms and reminders command, you will have to say phrases associated with it, such as “could you add an alarm at 6:00 am?”. This man-machine interaction, through artificial intelligence, is what allows CG Leads this tool to develop its functionalities. Also, if a phrase isn’t specific enough, the app might respond with another question or expression that leads you to be more precise. As you can see, the Google Assistant simply works through dialogue and voice, so it is not complicated at all to use it.

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