Google Analytics: a guide to using the tool

Do you want to learn how to use Google Analytics once and for all? Check out our complete guide and be successful with your metrics! Before starting with the practical part of how to use the tool, it is important that you better understand what Google Analytics is.GA is Google’s online data analysis platform that, by installing a code on the site’s pages, collects information from users and transforms it into reports. It is an excellent tool to better understand the public of your site and measure the results of digital marketing, being one of the essential tools of a strategy. It allows you to track various information about your domain, such as the volume of visits, the time the user spends on the pages, the source channels, and even conversions. 

Importance of Google Analytics for Marketing Strategies

As the famous phrase of the statistician william edwards deming says. “What is not measured cannot be controlled”. When the subject is digital marketing. Measuring the results of the campaigns and understanding. The behavior of the visitors who access your site is essential. After all, nowadays, any decision-making and. The definition of marketing budgets have become directly conditioned. To the Italy mobile number search analysis of this data. The concern to understand the behavior of users within. A site or application is so great that it is possible to find a wide variety of web. Analytics tools available. There are full-featured analytics tools. Like adobe analytics and mixpanel, free heatmap apps like hotjar and crazyegg. And even open source software that you can install. On your own server like matomo the old (pwiki) and open web analytics.

How to Install Google Analytics

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Before anything else, the first step to start analyzing and measuring user interactions on your website is to install the tracking code on all the pages of your domain. To carry out the initial configuration of Google Analytics, we recommend that you use a tutorial or detailed instructions on how to CG Leads implement the code according to your level of knowledge, platform or language used in the programming of your site. In all cases, regardless of the chosen alternative, you will need to have an active GA (Google Analytics) account, a configured property and obtain the Google Analytics tracking code, which we will call UA. Accounts, Properties, and Property Views Before starting any analysis within Google Analytics.

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