Goals Guide for Marketing 2020

Sit down and breathe! It is important, at this time of the beginning of the year, to sit down and reflect from a state of tranquility. This will help us a lot to define new action plans for the coming year. With serenity, allowing us to see things as they are. I have a friend who since September of last year already has her plan ready for this year. Is it too late then for those of us who haven’t done it yet? I don’t think so, but let’s not delay any longer! Nido Colectivo wants to accompany you on this pilgrimage of Content Marketing in this year that begins. I also! So let’s not waste time and start with the steps to create a goal plan for marketers . Steps to create a goal plan for marketers Do you know what a goal plan for marketers is ? If so, we are going to review, if not, I will explain it here, you just keep reading.

The actions have a person in charge

This way you will have everything clear to start with each step. What is a goal plan for marketers? It’s the same as an action plan for anyone! It is a plan that details the Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List objectives that an organization wants to achieve, based on a diagnosis of the current situation. These objectives require actions in order to be met. A start and end date and, in addition, a product to generate. All this, well documented and conceptualized, is what we know as an action plan or goal plan. Ah, without forgetting the financial, material and human resources you need to run it.

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Stopping to review what

Now yes! In the next lines I present a methodological step by step that will guide you to define those goals and prepare your action plan for this year 2020. Step 1: start by doing CG Leads an analysis to understand the reality where you stand If you are already walking the paths of Content Marketing, happened last year is a vital exercise. For example, if you are going to start your plan for 2020, it is essential that you review the 2019 Digital Marketing Trends: What successful experiences did the year leave us? And with this, you refresh your previous planning and analyze: How were the results obtained based on what was planned.

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