Glossary of Trends Post Contingency

This glossary of trends is made as a research tool that you can refer to when necessary. Here you will find vocabulary, styles, concepts that have been in the world arena for 10 years or more. But that are now taking more power. Many of our plans, in view of the contingency, took a giant turn. Some have been delayed, others have required a complete change. But i believe that with small adjustments in approach and the opportunity to apply the famous “reinvention”, those plans are possible. For this reason, i am giving you this first part of the glossary to apply it to your idea. Reinventing oneself has always been a phase that we all go through at some point. But now it is the definitive trend. Reinvention is the reunion or rediscovery of something through experience.

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That is to say, it is the moment when you realize that you are starting again but not from scratch because you have a quantity of knowledge, which.  From another Dominican Republic Phone Number List perspective, leads you to reinvention. So, before delving into this glossary of trends. Because like everything else, it is up to you to do your best with the tools available. There will be two types of businesses in the 21st century: those that are on the internet and those that no longer exist. Bill gates digital version: technology at human service there is no doubt that the digital market is not going to go backwards, so study and take what you are doing to the virtual.

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It is your moment to conceptualize and give objective to your profession, project, idea and show it to the world in its digital version as well. Which will allow you to CG Leads be a user of those platforms where you can offer and sell your service. Becoming a digital nomad with an objective; emphasizing the latter,  carried away by the immediate in view of the need. But it is necessary that you take into account all these trends. So that you apply the most convenient ones for the good of your business. New normal the new normality is a phrase that is sounding a lot.

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