How to Make a Gif Step by Step

Do you know how to create a GIF? We show you step by step how to produce that super dynamic content! Creating a gif is a skill that can be executed in a very simple way, given the different possibilities and software available on the market. You can work with Adobe Photoshop or even with a mobile application. If you don’t know it, GIF is an image format that can be found in a still form or in an animated form, in an infinite loop or not. On the Internet they are used on a large scale in their animated form, after all that is what they were created for. The interesting thing about GIFs is that, when animated, they create an illusion of movement by displaying a sequence of images or frames for a certain period of time. GIF, short for Graphics Interchange.

The Gif in Your Marketing Strategy

You must be wondering why to use this tool/strategy in marketing. Well, gifs are easy to understand and load faster than videos. They are a great way to attract the attention of your user. Stimulating them to share or click on elements that previously went. Unnoticed on certain pages. In the list of real estate agent emails next tutorial, you will learn how to create. And export a gif. You can use the same step by step to create. A banner, a moving button, a cta (call to action) or even a meme. Let’s go? How to create a gif in photoshopin this tutorial we are going. To use adobe photoshop creative cloud 2015. However, you can use such a program from the cs3 version.

Step 1 – Importing/Creating the Content

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If you haven’t created art yet, open Photoshop and go to File > New … (File > New), or press Ctrl + N. Define your image’s basic settings like Width, Height, Resolution (72 pixels/inch is the key to the web). After the document is created, insert the elements of your composition and don’t forget: each layer of the file can be animated in a different way. Skip to Step 2 of this tutorial. If you have an image sequence that produces movement, open Photoshop and go to CG Leads File > Scripts> Load Files into Stack (File> Scripts> Load Files into Stack). Click Browse … and find the video or photos you want to use. Select all the files and click Open. Click OK to import the photos as a single file. Please note that the time to open the files may be longer.

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