From the Viral to the Pandemic Reality Beats the Virtual

We are constantly exposed to a number of words with a lot of power. But we rarely delve into their definition or stop to review what they really mean. Today we are bombarded by three specific words: coronavirus, virus and pandemic. However, i am not here just to tell you what appears in the dictionary. Nor to give you statistics that you can probably find with greater certainty in some study. This article only reflects: 1. How each individual action affects the collective 2. The real world is still more important than the virtual one 3. How the relevance you are giving to the latter can affect the conception of an idea or your criteria. So, if reflection, marketing and the global crisis we are going through don’t go hand in hand for you. Stop reading and keep surfing the internet.

A word has also become frequent

It is time to become more aware of what we consume and produce in the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes. Andy warhol viral vs real since the Macedonia Phone Number List abysmal growth that social networks have had. In our daily lives: viral. In the last ten years we have seen how it has crept into our word through digitally propagated videos, challenges , gestures, real-world actions. Reaching absurd amounts of views , registrations and even money. Being viral has now become a front-line necessity that has led us to produce and consume content of all kinds. Just for belonging to the current infection, at what cost? Well, today we are going through one of the biggest world crises due to the unconsciousness of some.

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After countless studies

Making it clear that. What do i mean? The covid-19 coronavirus in mid-december 2019 in wuhan, china, an alarming number of pneumonia of unknown origin CG Leads was detected. It was concluded that the starting point of the virus probably lies in the animal market in wuhan. And presumably came from bats destined for sale and consumption in the seafood section. This not only unleashed the current pandemic, where we are all at risk. It has also made another problem visible: the illegal trafficking of animals, wild or exotic, which moves exorbitant amounts of money in the world. Traffic so similar to that of harmful substances and weapons. Which the authorities have ignored for years, taking us to the ultimate consequences such as the current global crisis.

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