From endorsements to media mentions to customer testimonials

It’s anything that lends credibility to your store, from endorsements to media mentions to customer testimonials. Social proof is therefore to be included in the design of your website.¬† in particular on your home page to give a good impression to Internet users. Do you trust a site that has no social proof. No product reviews from happy users quite often, no. User reviews concept, vector illustration Social proof is essential. To boost your sales on Shopify Source¬† Integrate social proof to build. In addition, Trust in your e-commerce. Some Shopify themes allow easy collection and integration of these elements. What is social proof? Media mentions Press articles.

Simply ask your customers for them

Videos Testimonials from experts or influencers in your field. Customer testimonials Prestigious clients (for a B2B-oriented site) Ratings and reviews Wedding Photo Editing of your products. After that, How to get testimonials from your customers without means. Most importantly, Simply ask your customers for them! Why not in exchange for a discount on a future order? You will find a fairly comprehensive article by Danilo Duchesnes on social proof. For instance, Impactful design visuals for your marketing campaigns Black Friday, sales, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. : every opportunity is good to create a marketing campaign to increase your sales! As you can imagine, visual content generates more engagement on social networks. It is therefore necessary to attract A ttention, arouse I nterest, provoke Desire, and provoke A ction .

Wedding Photo Editing

All you have to do is deploy the visual of your marketing

This is called the AIDA method . Use this template Marketing campaigns are to be planned in addition to your Shopify store, in order to boost CG Leads your sales from a news item, an event. Give preference to creative and original content, images, infographics or even videos. Banner image of your website, news or blog article, Facebook publication, Facebook headline image, Facebook ad, Instagram post, YouTube banner, etc. To save time, there is a magic tool on Canva to resize an image in multiple formats with just one click. Here are some tops that could be useful to you: how to carry out an attractive marketing campaign. Insert GIFs into your product pages How about using.


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