Free Specialization Program in Digital Marketing Offered by Spain Business

Spain Business launches the second edition of its Free Digital Marketing Specialization ProgramAfter a first edition in which more than 500 participants from different Spanish-speaking countries registered, the free specialization program in Digital Marketing returns, which begins on December 2. Would you like to train in digital marketing? At Spain Business School we want everyone who has this concern to achieve it and for this we have prepared a free specialization program in Digital Marketing totally free. Free Specialization Program in Digital Marketing offered by Spain Business“At Spain Business School we work on models that try to break down all barriers to access to education for professionals: from free and open cycles, through qualification tools in specific skills, programs tailored to companies and organizations, to training programs.

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Which has earned us important recognitions such as the one obtained. By our mba in digital business administration, valued among. The top 10 in spain”, highlights miguel ángel blanco cedrún. Ceo and director of spain business school. The design of. The new specialization program in digital marketing is developed under. An online methodology, with a tutored component that will provide. The student with constant support from the Philippines mobile number teaching team of spain business school. The program that begins on december 2 addresses the following areas. Of knowledge: session 1. Introduction. Making marketing a mixed plan session 2. Marketing in the middle and search engines session 3. The new audiovisual advertising session 4. Communication and marketing. Techniques session 5. Other topics of interest session.

About Spain Business School

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Spain Business School is a pioneer Digital Business School in Spain in digital training, consulting, and transformation of organizations. We understand that the Internet has changed everything, and for this reason, we help individuals and accompany companies in their process towards digital, which is already a present reality. So say hello to the CG Leads opportunity! Our school is made up, in its shareholders, its academic council and in its teaching team, by professionals with extensive experience in the digital sector. Professionals who have experienced the birth of the Internet in our country in its different companies.

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