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Each transaction is accompanied by audio recordings of conversations with the client. Find out where your marketing budget goes. If you connect call tracking, it will attach a transition source to each lead, up to the keyword. Ringo stat and CRM integration Learn more How to choose a CRM? Main selection criteria In thematic groups and forums of entrepreneurs, you can increasingly find discussions like “Advise CRM” and “Help me choose CRM”. Business and CRM are a long-term alliance, so the right choice is really important. What is CRM and how to choose it At the same time, the market is developing rapidly, the choice of CRM systems is becoming wider and more diverse.

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By business segment: for ecommerce, medicine, real estate, services, industry, IT; by scale: for large, medium, small businesses. in the direction of work: for analytics, process automation, management, marketing or sales, as well as combined Belize Mobile Number List solutions; by price category: from budgetary to complex turnkey solutions. Entrepreneurs and executives of small firms sometimes make the mistake of buying a “growth” solution, assuming that this will help expand the market and increase sales. But in return they face a lot of problems: it is difficult to use CRM, the budget for implementation and refinement is huge, and sales do not grow. This can be compared to buying an airplane instead of a compact hatchback.

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Another mistake is to approach the choice of CRM too superficially, focusing only on the cost of the service, popularity or ease of implementation. And get a system devoid of business-critical features, such as planning, KPI, warehouse management. You can read about other common mistakes in the article “5 types of errors due to which the CRM system does not work for business” . Mistakes when choosing a CRM system for business Consider what criteria you need to choose a CRM system so as not to make a mistake. Compliance with CRM tasks and business goals Even before you start choosing and testing different CRMs, you need to describe business processes and determine the goals for using the system.

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