Flywheel: the New Face of the Inbound Methodology

Is the sales funnel dead? That is the great news that crosses the halls of marketing. A new technique that extends the function of our famous funnel has emerged in its place. If you want to know what it is, continue reading. The Flywheel seems to have come to the world of marketing to stay. In fact, many specialists consider it the replacement of the famous sales funnel. That’s why we thought it would be perfect for you, who are always looking to increase sales, to know the details of this technique. Today we have prepared this post for you to learn all about this new way of leading customers and apply it to your business. Let’s go together to find out more!

What is Fly Wheel?

It is a new concept that approaches marketing and sales from a different perspective than the traditional ones, focusing much more on user loyalty. Because of that, instead of a funnel shape, it has a circular shape, to strengthen the idea that it is a cycle that has no end. Flywheel means that: rotation flywheel, it is the circular gear that gives power to a machine. In this case, said flyer is made up of attraction – engagement – ​​user experience, with the emphasis being on the user experience phase. If you take a good look at it, it’s great you attract your customer, interact with them and give them phone number in italy a memorable experience, this in turn attracts new customers and the cycle repeats itself. By prioritizing the experience phase, you manage to attract and build loyalty at the same time.

Why Was the Flywheel Born?

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To overcome the scope of the sales funnel, following and making visible from the beginning the interaction between the user and the brands. This makes the customer lifecycle continuous and sustainable, something any business should aim for. Yes, the Flywheel is an ideal tool to accompany customers from the moment they discover a brand and, above all, after the purchase, to motivate them to acquire new products or services. In addition, the fundamental principle of this trend is to use the information that arises from the interaction processes to CG Leads offer better experiences to consumers and, consequently, captivate them. Now that you know what the Flywheel is about and why it was born, it is vitally important that you understand how it has changed Inbound Marketing.

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