How to Create Good Financial Habits to Get Rich?

Getting rich depends much more on your habits than on your salary. Learn in this article how to develop good financial practices and start getting rich today. Think fast: What does it mean to get rich? Would it be making money? Travel abroad every year? Not struggling at the end of the month? Or maybe being able to go to a restaurant and order whatever you want without being afraid of the bill? Today you will learn how money works, how it is part of your life and how you can have more control over it (and not the other way around).In that way? Come with me and understand what it means to get rich and how to do it the right way.

How Does Money Work?

“The biggest difference between rich and poor is that the rich know how to differentiate assets from liabilities, and they buy assets.”– Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad). Imagine that a friend of yours tells you that he is on a diet to lose weight. “Congratulations!” you say, “and what are you eating?” “Oh,” he replies proudly, “every day I go to the ukrainian phone number fast food stand near my house and eat a super hamburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner: it has carbohydrates, protein and everything I need to a balanced diet”.This probably seems absurd to you, right? Your friend doesn’t understand how a balanced diet works. You agree with me that, if you want to follow a diet to lose weight, the first step is to know how to differentiate which foods make you fat and which make you lose weight, right?

Financial Assets Are Anything That Puts Money in Your Pocket.

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Financial liabilities, on the other hand, are anything that takes money out of your pocket. For example: car and motorcycleHouse/apartment (to live in)Smartphones and GadgetsconsortiaPartiesAccounts payable. It may seem strange to you to see motorcycle, car, house and apartment on this list. This is because many people tend to see these things as investments, but in reality they are costs. A car and a motorcycle will lose their value over time and you will still spend on fuel, maintenance, parking, taxes, insurance, accessories, depreciation, fines, etc. As for the house and the apartment, even if they are CG Leads their own, if they are to be inhabited, they are passive. Two important things about assets and liabilities: Liabilities are not always luxuries. You need a house to live in, clothes to wear and things to have fun.

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