Fiat Case: Open Source in the Automotive Industry

Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub has changed the way many people view open source software. Previously seen as an alternative to paid software, today open sources are, in many cases, preferred over paid programs. What if it were possible to take advantage of the open source concept for the industry? Especially an industry as complex as the automotive industry? The answer would certainly cause a lot of inconvenience and contradiction. That is precisely what Local Motors did: open source car development using micro-factories. At the core of Local Motors are co-creation, open innovation and digital manufacturing. After entering their community, you help to develop a car created by the designers of the network, or, if you have the necessary knowledge, you create a new car.

It All Started With Mio

Inspired by the book ” What would Google do? “, by Jeff Jarvis, Peter Fassbender, the design director of Fiat LATAM, came up with the idea of ​​creating a new concept car to be presented at the São Paulo Auto Show. The how to get a dubai phone number development of the car would be based on collaboration and would focus on satisfying the wishes and needs of customers.Together with its advertising agency, Fiat elaborated the entire crowdsourcing process based on three stages: scenario mapping, ideation and design. The mapping of scenarios began with research on the car of the future and the future of cars through interviews with specialists, in order to identify trends. Fiat then launched a collaborative platform where customers could discuss the following question: in the future that we are creating, what must a car have for me to call it mine.

While It is Still Useful for Other People?

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The goal of the platform was to assess people’s participation by answering questions and guiding the discussion through ideas and examples. Social networks were used to stimulate participation and provide reference content for people to be inspired. When the car is ready, you build it yourself. Local Motors CG Leads opens a micro-factory in your region and provides all the necessary tools and knowledge. Forbes chose Fiat as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil, highlighting the autonomous innovation area created by the company, called Future Insights.

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