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The purpose of the promotion: site visits, messages, engagement, form filling; Button with a call: “Call, “More”, “Registration”; Audience selection . You can let Facebook identify potentially interested users on its own. Or manually set up the audience. Ad placements: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger. Ad display time. Budget . By moving the slider with the amount, you can see what coverage you can expect.How is the budget for promotion regulated? Lead form or call to action ad Another way to promote is to create an advertisement that will help you achieve a certain goal. For example, collect leads. The algorithm for setting up ads is similar to the one described above. form to an advertisement.

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How to customize the form . It is this purpose that allows the collection of contact data. how to set the ad objective “Increase the number of leads” Select the target action button. For example, “Get an offer” or “Apply”. Get creative. Add images or videos Malta Mobile Number List to make your ad more visible and engaging. You can take one of the ready-made publications as a basis. Set up audiences. Indicate the age, gender, place of residence of your potential leads. You can narrow down your audience with detailed targeting: select interests, events, and behaviors. Click Add Form. You will see a menu with settings for the appearance and fields of the lead form. Create a title and description that users will see.

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Specify what data you want to collect: name, email, phone. You can also ask an open question and leave a blank line to fill in. But keep in mind – the more complex the form, the less feedback you will collect. how to create a lead form Click Save. This will take you back to your ad campaign settings, where all you have to do is set your budget and duration. Ads with a lead form will start bringing you contacts of interested users on the day of launch. You will only have to contact everyone who left a phone number or mail, and offer your product. In order not to lose a single potential buyer, “attach” the Ringostat callback to your lead form.

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