Everything You Need to Know About Youtube Before Joining Its Platform

We are celebrating! Youtube is birthday this february 14. Up to his first 15 years of life. And boy have they been revolutionary and dynamic. How it has changed our lives and has made us feel! For the 15th anniversary of youtube this renowned digital platform has been created to save videos. Which can be consumed by many users. But as we know, it is not only a video store, but in it you can also create your videos, record them and share them. Some compare it to internet tv. And it’s certainly helping to bury the original tv we know. It goes beyond showing videos; you can create your own space. Have subscribers and interact with them. It is, therefore, an audiovisual social network. Cheer up to celebrate your new anniversary together! Video is growing very quickly on facebook.

I think that makes sense

A lot of people compare that to youtube. Youtube isn’t the only video service, but i think it’s the biggest. And it probably makes more sense to compare facebook Romania Phone Number List video to youtube instead of netflix because it’s a completely different type of content. Mark zuckerberg youtube celebrates 15 years being the king of videos? Youtube is known as the giant of the internet. Without a doubt, he is still the “king of videos”. According to latest statistics: youtube receives about 1,900 million users every month . It works in 80 languages. After facebook. It is the site with the highest number of visits on the internet. 70% of its users access through smartphones.

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Youtube reach from what

After google, it is the most requested search engine. I see around me. I realize that most people like watching a video more than reading an article related CG Leads to the  same thing. That is, between seeing or reading about something, many prefer to see. Easier? More attractive? More laziness? I do not know. But certainly, watching videos is common. In addition, technology is helping a lot to overcome the barrier of accessing videos. You do it from your smartphone. Your computer, your tablet … and it is getting easier and easier. The power of this instrument is tremendous.

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