Email Marketing is a Great Ally for Ecommerce

Marketing works like great gear, where one strategy is supported by another to ensure that each one is enhanced by the other. This is exactly how email marketing works with eCommerce. To sell, it is necessary to use all the possible strategies that a marketer can implement to attract more sales. Now, how to know what are the main strategies will make email marketing the best ally for an eCommerce. Right here we show it to you. Cart Recovery A practice carried out by the most recognized eCommerce is the recovery of carts; It happens that many times a person can be crowding his shopping cart on your website and for some reason he leaves and the shopping cart is left halfway. It’s a shame to lose a customer who seemed convinced to buy what he had taken.

Demonstration of Importance

The raison d’être of a company is its customers; a company lives. And thinks for them and keeping them happy is a way of showing. How much they matter. Many companies use customer. Data to power this measure; through a personalized message via email. Some companies have chosen to Netherlands phone number format congratulate their customers on. Their birthday and in some cases decide to reward them. With a unique and special offer, for example, a 50% discount on merchandise. It could be an excellent gift for any birthday boy. In this case, email marketing automation plays an important role. It is physically impossible for a person to send the number of emails that. Are necessary to reach an important sector.

Demonstration in Figures

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Currently, revenue from organic search websites is below revenue from email marketing. It is something that the Direct Marketing Association reflects in a good way. That’s right, the percentage of conversion in the point of emails is that this modality reaches up to 4.16%, while organic searches and links from social networks are much lower, between the two, they CG Leads barely reach just over 3%.In terms of figures, you can take into account that women considerably exceed Internet purchases, targeting your strategies towards them could be a direct means of communication; Also remember that this is part of the segmentation and in reality.

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