Email Design: How to Create Optimized Emails That Adapt to the Screen of Any Device

The variety of mobile devices, with their respective screen sizes, made it necessary for brands to change their email marketing strategies. That means they had to adapt the email design so that the user has an amazing experience no matter what device they use to open it. Long ago, when email marketing campaigns were just beginning to appear, there were no concepts of responsive emails yet. That’s because at that time the only way to access the Internet and emails was from the computer or desktop. Therefore, only one format was needed to make the email design. With the arrival of mobile devices and their varied screen sizes and resolutions, the need arose to make available to the user the possibility of accessing company content from any device they use.

Responsive, Fluid or Scalable Email

With the common goal of facilitating and enriching the user experience. The three formats offer the possibility of creating a version different. From the one on computers to be displayed on mobile devices. Depending on their characteristics. But each one has its particularities, which does not mean that one. Is better or worse than the others. Choosing between one or the other will depend. On a series of factors, such as: amount of text in the email, priority. Of one or another design, amount of resources, aesthetic style of each ceo email address company, etc. Let’s see the characteristics of each format. Responsiveit is one of the types of design adaptation that can be applied to emails. Initially, it generated two versions of the same email, one for. The computer and one for mobile devices.

But How Do I Go About Creating My Email Design?

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In addition to the paid options, there are free templates, which have very good designs and are easy to edit, as well as quite complete, which help you create a successful campaign. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. Let’s see some examples of free templates: Swift: compatible with all CG Leads browsers and easy to edit, for years it has been considered one of the best responsive templates; Simple Responsive HTML Email: They use single column layouts, ensuring they fit any screen format; Green Village: ideal for emails where images predominate, use a two-column template. Allows you to display logins to social media. In this model, we recommend that you do not include more than 3 or 4 contents; Zurb Studios: It has 5 templates that you can use.

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