Does Using Bold in the Text Impact Google’s Positioning?

A very frequent doubt that I receive is that if the letters in bold. Is one of the more than 200 google positioning factors. Could it be that blogs that use. It are penalized or manage to rank better? Bold is not a factor that directly impacts the ranking of blog pages. But it is an essential element for post scannability. With the help of bold it is possible to highlight phrases. That could go unnoticed by readers. Placing a background in some sentences makes. Reading more fluid, which can positively impact the time users spend. On the page. So we can say that boldfaces indirectly impact the positioning of. The pages, since: decrease bounce rate; increases the dwell time of the pages. Yit greatly improves the user experience.

It is Important to Note That Bold,

when used excessively and in any position of the content, can negatively affect the user experience, it is a difficult text to read and contaminated with so much highlighted information, causing the reader to lose interest in reading. Therefore, use bold, but with awareness and only in Prunto motor inc phrases that really deserve to be highlighted and that cannot go unnoticed by the reader. One piece of advice, this time more related to people who use the WordPress “HTML” tab —the part where the content code is— is that there are two ways to bold the content: <b> or <strong>.

The <strong> Code is Used for Emphasis,

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While <b> is more visual. This is because the crawler used by visually impaired people barely understands the <strong> code and does not read the <b> code as a phrase that deserves to be highlighted. On CG Leads the other hand, in case you uninstall the HTML 4.01 and XHTML plugin, the elements with the <b> tag continue in the content as if the plugin had never been installed.If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you. I also want to leave you some content that can continue to help you in your learning.

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