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Colorful, visual reports in the form of graphs and charts will help you take a fresh look at how calls are organize in your business. By efficiency of work with calls of each manager Shows the number and duration of receive and complete calls by each manager for a certain period of time. The more saturate color the cells are, the more calls the manager has process. So you can understand who your sales department is base on, and, for example, reward the most productive employee. For outgoing calls Outgoing call report Outgoing call report Number of calls per day Contains statistics of calls made: the number and duration.

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As well as the number of miss calls – broken down by department or employee. The most enterprising managers not only receive incoming calls, but also contact customers themselves – clarify details, take an interest in the progress of cooperation, and help resolve current issues. For incoming calls Inbox report Shows the number of receiv calls for the Uruguay Mobile Number List select period of time – broken down by departments and employees. The more saturated the cell is colore, the more calls the manager or department has received. For missed calls Shows the relationship between: total number of missed calls the number of unique missed calls. Number of missed You can also see the number of chimes on the numbers from which the call came.

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This helps to gauge how actively managers are handling missed calls. And a table with a list of unique calls that have not yet been processed – in order to contact everyone who could not get through as soon as possible. number of calls raw list Personal reports In addition to the listed Google Data Studio reports, you can request the development of individual reports. They will include additional metrics or filters that are not provided by standard reports. For example: by incoming calls by sources, campaigns, keywords; by number pools; on the work of managers in the context of hours and days of the week. So you can analyze call data even more precisely and in more detail – depending on the needs of your business.

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