Discover What the Aida Model is and How to Apply It to Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

The AIDA model is an analysis resource that provides guidance on the consumer’s purchasing decision process and the factors that intervene in it, each one represented by a letter of the acronym. The origin of this methodology is attributed to the American E. St. Elmo Lewis, a pioneer researcher of Advertising who began his work at the end of the 18th century. The AIDA model explains that, in order to guide the consumer to the purchase, it is necessary to attract attention, maintain interest and generate desire so that, later, they reach a decision. A = Attention I = Interest D = WishA = action at the beginning, the model was used mainly in the production of print ads, proposing that they have visual elements in each of the stages. In this way, the recipe for success was based on: attractive image, interesting subtitle, the body of educational text

How Does the Aida Model Work?

The evolution of marketing allowed aida to be used in other ways. Of disseminating a brand or product, such as advertising on television. And content marketing in the digital medium. There crypto email list are important factors such as age, lifestyle, culture and motivations. Which influence the way people think, reflecting on their behavior and also. On their purchasing decisions. Before applying the aida model in your marketing strategy. It is essential that you consider who your brand ‘s buyer persona is. Bearing that in mind, we can now more precisely discuss the meaning. Of each word in the aida acronym. We will explain each. Of them separately in a moment!Attentionyour buyer person must know that you exist.

How to Apply the Aida Model in Digital Marketing?

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Did you understand all the stages of AIDA, but are still not sure how to incorporate this methodology into your online strategy? Don’t worry, we will now talk about that topic now! There are several ways to apply the AIDA methodology in the Marketing universe. In the CG Leads field of Digital Marketing, the AIDA model is present in remarketing actions , video ads, email marketing campaigns and corporate blogs , for example. When we talk about Content Marketing, the AIDA model is important both in the production of content for the blog and in the technical part of the site that complements that content.

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