Digital Tribes: the New Trend in Digital Marketing

It is clear that today, the main problem that we face as digital entrepreneurs is the fact of being able to publicize our projects, mainly punished by the monopolistic algorithms of each social network, each of which, of course, fulfills its function of show only the most relevant content for the user, but discarding the growth opportunity of many other ventures, since a sequence of “zeroes” and “ones” are in charge of assuming if the content could be relevant or not. We no longer live in those days where hosting thousands of “followers” in a social network boosted the growth of our digital businesses in an unimaginable way, but now we must feed those algorithms with the money from our pockets.

That is to Say: Our Followers Are No Longer Our Followers,

They are from the social networks for whom we build their content on a daily basis. If you already have some time in this Digital Entrepreneurship, perhaps you have been one of those people who initially allocated their budget to increase the size of their followers, in order to translate that fictitious community into a possible profitable business, however, it is more than known that today these practices no longer serve absolutely nothing. Do you get a ghana phone number still invest to get interactions or followers on your networks? I am sorry to tell you that you are throwing your money completely away, you should put that money to better use like buying a giant flamingo to place it on the roof of your house and spend a delicious afternoon tanning, at least that way you will enjoy it and your investment will be worth it the sorrow.

Think About This, if Tomorrow the Big Social Networks Like Facebook,

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Instagram or YouTube decide to close their doors, are you prepared to face something like this? In other words, even after this closure, do you have a way to keep in touch with your community of followers? I bet over 90% of the readers of this article hadn’t even considered it. And let’s not go too far, how many entrepreneurs have it not happened that they CG Leads invest thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising on platforms like Facebook, and from one day to the next the social network decides to close their advertising account without the right to dispute and your money invested it evaporates in the vast expanse of the universe, as an unpleasant memory only remains.

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