Digital Marketing Trends 2019 What Successful Experiences Did the Year Leave Us?

Marketing every year transforms and breaks expectations. Surely in 2018 you imagined some trends that could be part of 2019, however, on many occasions marketing surprises us with a new menu. Even so, a year that leaves us with many learnings was said goodbye. That is why the expectations for 2020 grow when we remember the 2019 digital marketing trends . The best thing about the past is learning, which is why we felt it necessary to review which were the best strategies of the year that has already passed. Content marketing trends 2019 are the perfect crop to have a prosperous new year. Digital Marketing Trends 2019 The best decisions are made when the context and the past are known. So to work for a successful 2020, the first step is to know what the trends were in 2019 and their results.

The platform has created communities

Let’s start!  TikTok: emerging social network This application, which has added more than 500 million users, left 2019 with a great musical touch. And it is that the Henan Mobile Phone Number List Tik Tok social network consists of sharing music videos created by the user. This App was responsible for bringing together the strengths of each application to achieve fame among teenagers. Since 2018 we have seen how Tik Tok increased its users. However, last year he had a great success. Within the application, some users are content creators and others are dedicated to following their favorite celebrities.  Around people who have managed to gain a lot of success thanks to the content they upload to the application.

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Instagram as the queen social network

Tik Tok consists of sharing videos of a maximum of 15 seconds. Which can be edit and recorded from the same platform. In addition, it provides the CG Leads opportunity to add filters, emojis and gifs; which makes the network one of the most creative. The usability of the design allows teenagers and children to use it without problems. But the social network has gained so much popularity that the number of generations that now bet on it has increased. We continue in the wave of the most successful social networks during 2019, and the winner is Instagram.

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