Digital Marketing Trends That Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

We marketers know that staying competitive means not only keeping up with the latest industry trends but staying ahead of the curve. Below, we share ten of the most exciting recent trends entrepreneurs should be watching online with the Young Entrepreneur Council. Digital Marketing TrendsDigital Marketing Trends1. Live video (streaming broadcasts)By using live video (or streaming), we give all viewers and customers the opportunity to gain insight into my business, my goals, my vision, and my values.2.GeofencingGeofencing is an essential tool for marketers looking to attract potential customers and stay on the radar of their target markets.

Augmented Reality for Product Display

Companies like Ikea and Amazon are implementing augmented reality for product display, in turn managing to improve the user experience.4. Instagram Stories PollsInstagram stories allow users to phone numbers in spain share their 15-second posts as videos or photos to their Instagram accounts, achieving much more virality than regular posts.5.Instagram TV (IGTV)Instagram launched a TV channel that allows companies and influencers to interact and exchange content with other network users.6. Post-Pay Financing Options for E-CommerceAlthough not strictly on the merchandising platform, most eCommerce businesses consider pay-after financing to be a conversion tool. Offer a great ability to attract new customers.

Customer Relations Through Chatbots

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The level of development that developers have managed to achieve. To create chatbots is incredible, and above all, they have managed. To largely eliminate the anger of many customers when they were served. 8. Voice marketingwith an increase in the efficiency of technology. It has been possible to develop highly qualified voice devices. Such as alexa or siri that come to CG Leads support all voice searches. 9. Artificial intelligence. The key for any business. To thrive and rise above its competitors is for them to continually. Focus on understanding their customers’ behavior and. Tailoring their products to their customers’ needs. In the past, companies would create surveys and research groups. To test or develop new products and concepts. Not only is this manual method time-consuming. But if the sample group is not carefully selected.

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