Digital Marketing as a Competitive Advantage

We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and absolutely anything is possible. Having a hologram as a teacher that has artificial intelligence and understands everything you ask is: 100% possible. Attend any class at any university in the world with a totally realistic experience in which you walk, interact and attend real classes through virtual reality glasses: 100% possible. Self-tying shoes: cool and 100% possible. In this new era of humanity, it is possible for a business idea to be visionary enough and provide enough solutions to market problems that it will be valued at millions of dollars in a short time. We see influencers on Instagram who are 3D or CGI (Computer Generated Image) designs with lifestyles and personalities so genuine that they tell stories through instants, be it photos, videos or IGTV (Instagram TV).

According to Research Carried Out in 2018 by

Deloitte and published by the wall street journal, the percentage. However, Of average participation of the marketing budget in companies. However, Is 11% and of this, 50% is invested in digital. Marketing (the other items considered were: direct marketing expenses. End marketing, market research, training and analytics). Similarly, companies from different industries, countries and commercial concepts. Have shown that having validated UK phone number database marketing strategies using creative implementation allow. For a higher rate of competitiveness and the development of competitive. Advantages. The question is , are you using digital marketing as a competitive advantage?

Digital Marketing There Are Trends in Digital Marketing

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That are being practiced by thousands of startups and companies. Above all, Such as: chatbots, customer data platforms, conversational marketing. Augmented reality, advertising facial recognition, micro-influencers. Above all, Whatsapp marketing, automated email marketing, contextual email marketing, remarketing, visual analytics, data-driven marketing, among others. After that, Some of these are better known than others and it is always possible. To learn more in-depth about all of them, if you are interested. In CG Leads deepening your knowledge in any area of ​​marketing, you. Can suggest a priority order of topics to be addressed soon. After that, In business and entrepreneurship by writing to ivan carrizosa. At twitter. Finally, a special favor: together with some allied institutions. We want to carry out a short investigation to identify which are. Marketing tools and trends that are being used the most in latam.

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