Did you catch the little sure fortune at work?

Also,Research by Teresa and Steven KramerIt also shows that the best way to motivate employees is to make them realize that they are constantly improving。In fact, they found in their research that recognizing that they are constantly improving will be more delightful than a grand sense of mission, even rewards and salary increases。

Therefore, if you feel that work has Photo Background Removing entered a burnout period or bottleneck period, it is better to pay more attention to the moment of luck, maybe it can help you achieve a great cause and promote a long-term transformation。So how to focus on small achievements?

“Focus on small achievements” is easier said than done, because people may not know how to start paying attention, and if you are in a difficult period, trying to promote enterprise transformation, or carrying out more difficult projects, it is easier to feel unable to start 。

The following suggestions can help everyone discover their small achievements, and thusChange the way of thinking。

Record little achievements

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You need to develop the habit of writing a diary and write down every day to make yourself happy。No matter how small it is, it is worth recording。In addition to progress at work, we can also record achievements in life, such as perseverance every day, or getting up early is not bad。

In addition, there is a method for recording work achievements, that is, to make a list of “completed matters” and a list of “pending matters”。When you get off work every day, or at the end of the week, look back at the work you have done。You will find that you actually complete more tasks than you think。


Many people will fall into it immediately after encountering setbacks。We often think that we are not good enough because we are CG Leads evaluating ourselves with high standards. We should not disparage ourselves but boast about ourselves every day。We should stop and take the initiative to recognize our achievements and silently say to ourselves: “Hey, I’m doing well”, or “Today’s work efficiency is so high that it flies.”。These motivational psychological hints can enhance our self-confidence and make our mood better。

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