Data Studio Google Data Studio Is A Data Visualization Service.

Here you can create visual reports in the form of diagrams, diagrams, maps, tables. With it, you can analyze any data, such as views, clicks, calls, leads, and sales. Information can be import into the report from different systems. Google Data Studio is integrate with 800+ data sources. Including Google Ads and Google Analytics, Facebook ad cabinets, YouTube Analytics and many others. Any changes in analytical systems are instantly display in the report. Services integrat with Google Data Studio A complete list of services from. Where you can transfer data to a report can be found on the Google Data. Studio website pros The tool is available for free.

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You can combine analytics from multiple sources in a single report. For example, visualize running advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and other accounts. Users have at their disposal several dozen ready-made templates Slovenia Mobile Number List with many options for widgets, graphs and charts. You can design reports according to the style of the brand, use corporate colors, fonts, design elements. Share access for team work is possible. Minuses If you are new to analytics, it may be difficult for you to create and customize a report yourself, connect Google Data Studio with different systems and services to upload data.

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To analyze the data of a service, you will have to exit it every time and go to Google Data Studio. Useful material on how to create different reports is “Google Data Studio: core features, proper visualization and analytics” . Ringostat for Sales Manager Control how managers work – listen to audio recordings of calls, see reports on miss calls and on the load on specific employees. Be aware of everything – Ringostat will instantly notify you of a miss call or a left voice message. Reduce the amount of routine work in the department – due to the smart integration of CRM and Ringostat, which creates deals, tasks and contacts upon a call. Find out what the optimal work schedule of the department will be.

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