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It is very likely that a purchase will be made. 5. Purchase – the purchase of the product. There are two reasons for stopping the purchase process: one, a decision not to purchase the product in the end or the other is a purchase from your competitor. When we talk about sponsored advertising , it is clear that the more money you invest and the more expensive your hands will be, the more you can guarantee your product and you, better visibility of the ad. Most advertisers will be willing to pay more for buyers who are in advanced stages of the purchase process – as the likelihood of purchase is higher.

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The costs of the hands increase according to the Vietnam Phone Number List following steps: 1. Knowledge of the product – tiny conversion ratio – relatively low 2. Interest – low conversion ratio – the hand is still relatively low 3. Purchase intention – medium conversion ratio – high and medium cost in hand 4. Weighing – high conversion ratio – high hand When there is a buyer with the potential to purchase ten times higher than another, there is no doubt that you will be willing to pay ten times more for this conversion – it makes sense since your ROI will be the same. In order to generate and maximize as much as possible from your sponsored campaign.

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It would be correct and recommended to think about each CG Leads buyer in each of the stages of the purchase. This will help you get more traffic, more conversions and more profit . Don’t ignore buyers who are still in the initial stage of getting to know each other, they are still valuable and if you ignore them, they will probably complete the purchase with one of your competitors. Those potential buyers can start the entire purchase process and end it in the same web browsing or return to the same purchasing stage at a later stage (more likely than ending a buying process in a single browsing). Identifying the stages of purchase intent in Google.

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