Cross Selling: Learn Everything You Need to Know to Increase Your Sales Results

Cross Selling is a sales strategy to encourage a company’s customers to acquire new products and services that it offers. Have you ever been to the market or store to buy a specific product, but brought home 1 or 2 additional items? If you have gone through this, it means that you participated in a cross-selling action. And it’s time for you to start applying it to your sales! Many companies treat the consumer as a one-dimensional figure who only has one need to satisfy. The customer enters the store, buys the product and leaves. End of interaction. By doing so, companies miss out on great opportunities to increase revenue at minimal cost. If the same thing happens to you, don’t despair. You can change this situation with just 2 questions: What is required for my product to work?

What is Cross Selling (and What is Not)?

Imagine that you walk into an electronics store and tell the salesperson that you are looking for a new phone. Your only requirement is that it has a powerful battery because “you hate running out of battery or carrying the charger everywhere”.Next, the seller shows you the german phonenumbers most autonomous phone on the market and before you go to the cashier to pay, he asks you: “why don’t you take a power bank too?” Then he explains the offer: “For another $100, you take a power bank home and you’ll always have enough charge to double your battery life.”Great, right? Then, in the checkout line, you see another customer talking to the same salesperson. But this client wants a cell phone with a great camera because he loves taking photos.

Difference Between Upselling, Downselling and Cross Selling

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Remember that it is important to differentiate cross-selling from similar techniques with similar names, such as up-selling or down-selling. Although cross-selling focuses on offering a complementary product to the one initially chosen by the customer, additional selling consists of proposing a better item than the one selected by the consumer. In our mobile phone example, you CG Leads would choose mobile phone X and the seller would offer mobile phone X pro edition, which would have better battery life. Instead, Downsell is the opposite, you offer a cheaper product that meets the needs of a customer, who otherwise would not make the purchase. Imagine the customer wants a cell phone with a good battery.

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