Corporate Image: Understand Its Importance and the Aspects That Can Affect It

The corporate image is the perception that the public has about a company. Keep reading to know more about the subject! With the popularity of content and easier than ever access to information, companies are always looking to maintain the best possible corporate image. Surely you have already heard of a company whose corporate image was affected by a scandal, or a company whose relationship with the public benefited and, today, has a good acceptance among people. To learn more about what corporate image is, what can influence it, or even affect it, and how it differs from corporate identity (with which it is often confused), join me for the next few minutes.

What is the Corporate Image of a Company

There is a saying that “as they see you, so they treat you”. It certainly applies very well to the field of business. The board of directors database corporate image is the perception that the public has of a company and the impact it has on society. To better illustrate it, think for a moment: what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a beverage brand, an appliance brand or a cell phone brand? Well, that perception is, in principle, the strong impact that marketing has on companies. But the corporate image goes a little further. Now think, what is the best brand of beverages, appliances and cell phones and why? and also, which is the worst? 

Differences Between Corporate Image and Corporate Identity

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Confusion between the terms image and corporate identity is very common. The latter also includes the corporate visual identity. We can say that they are a complement since corporate identity is about the marketing and advertising actions that a brand develops to work, in parts, on its CG Leads identity. Going back to the saying “as they see you, so they treat you”, identity is like the clothing you have thought about wearing. Is it appropriate to the context in which you will be? Do you wear clothes conducive to the weather? What message do you want to convey?

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