Content Marketing That Men Like

If you are a man and you started reading. This article because it caught your attention, i want to start with good news: if you thought that women are the only ones to celebrate their day on march 8, you are wrong, we also have our own day of the year to celebrate and it is november 19. Before letting you know the type of marketing that men enjoy. I would like you to know what is the reason for international men’s day. Where it was create and what are the origins of this celebration, given that today it is still unknown to many. In 1992, professor thomas oaster, who practiced at the university of missouri-kansas. Started the movement for international men’s day and succeed.But it was not until 1999 when he began to be recognized internationally.

Why is International Men’s Day celebrated?

Despite the efforts made by different organizations. Over the years, this day is still not a great world event like Women’s Day. In fact, many do not recognize this celebration Exit Mobile Phone Numbers in their calendar.  10 years ago, in 2009, they decide to establish 6 fundamental reasons why this day exists and what should be done on it. It is necessary to emphasize that the last thing you want. Is to put men above women or to carry out a macho celebration, it is about fairness and equal rights. So, some of the stated reasons were to promote male normalization. This means that we stop believing that the only protagonists of TV or movies can be a “Brad Pitt” or a “George Clooney.

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This includes not attacking men for social reasons

On the other hand, it is also about promoting male health, both physical and spiritual.  But rather fighting for gender equality so that there is no more. Discrimination CG Leads and making this world a better place, where we can all show our skills equally. On the internet the field of interest for men is very wide, but not as wide as that of girls. For this reason, the creation of content marketing for men can become easier or more difficult depending on the point of view from which we approach it. And begin to see and believe in a more normal man. And adapted to reality, capable of fulfilling any of these roles.

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