Content Marketing and the Next Step for Brands

We talk a lot about content marketing here on the blog, after all, we are experts at it and it was this strategy that made us come to you. This term, which became popular in 2010, is already on the tip of the tongue of many marketing professionals (if you don’t know what it is, see this infographic ). However, its definition has always been very labeled and people treat it as a euphemism for things that have been around for a long time: custom posts, advertising, and owned media. This strategy goes beyond these definitions and you can be sure that it is much more than what you already know. Content marketing, when done right, can affect every department in a company, from sales and marketing to HR and investors. In addition, he is also becoming, like any marketing strategy.

The New Content Marketing

After nearly a decade of definition distortion, I think marketers need. To start talking about content marketing a little differently. It’s clear that most brands have matured in the way they think. About content. If brands have historically used their blogs to increase awareness. Now is the time for content to be applied to the entire marketing funnel. Storytelling fundamentals can still create demand generation, sales activation. And retention. If we switzerland phone numbers select the tactics that the modern marketer has to choose from. We see that each of them improves when the content. Is made and improved. Therefore, your content is the answer. To the questions asked in google assistant. This is amazing as they are the next emerging technologies in society.

New Technologies and the Role of Content

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With the changing role of content, combining new technologies with that strategy has never been so true. Let’s think, for example, of voice assistants as a new sales opportunity channel. With smart search, search engines seek to understand the intent of the search and only return one result for the user’s question. For example, if you ask “what is digital transformation?” to CG Leads Google Assistant, he will offer you the most relevant and reliable result through the selection of snippets, which in the case was the content marketing blog. Features Snippets, or answer boxes, are succinct, direct responses to a keyword search. It is about responding directly to the intention of the reader’s search without him visiting any page.

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