Content for GenerationContent for Generation Z: Why Include Them in Your Strategies? Z: Why Include Them in Your Strategies?

Generation Z, the new adults of the moment, is that group of people born between 1995 and 2010. Currently, a large part of this group is over the age of majority. In addition, this is the generation that comes after the Millennials , and it is not just a date of birth that differentiates them, these two generations have witnessed the evolution of technology in different ways. While Millennials adapted to it, Gen Z was born and grew up with it. And it is precisely access to technology that defines the concept of each generation. According to Forbes magazine, generation Z grew up under the multi- screen term , having access to up to five at a time. While Millennials started this trend with just two, the mobile phone and the computer. Another element that defines generation Z is their preference when communicating.

How to Identify Them?

Similarly, Forbes magazine points out that generation Z is more interested in the issues of the future, and in terms of the workplace, this population has success and personal satisfaction as its goal. How to identify them? You may have learned one or more things from Youtube tutorials. You may have read more books digitally than physically. They always have something to say on social issues.  Their opinion of the news that impacts the world be known. They are always aware of environmental change and are receptive to programs that help the planet.  Do not seek to stand out in any company, their objective is to develop their own projects or their personal brand. They are present in almost, if not all digital platforms.

Create the Ideal Content for Generation Z

None of the trends are missed. They value the privacy of their data and information on social networks. They are capable of consuming time for hours and hours on the Internet. But 8 seconds will suffice to change content if it does not fully arouse their interest. They consider making a purchase more than once, they are demanding when selecting a brand, they review opinions, compare products and check social networks. But if the brand meets their expectations, they are very receptive when recommending the product or service, and taking more than one photo with their respective label.

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