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Removing a meta description from the WordPress header As part of the WordPress installation, information is adde to the website title the WordPress version, etc.. and this information is use by hackers to break into the website. In order to hide this information and not allow hackers an easy job, the following line of code must be adde to the function.php file of the website template: remove_action ‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’ .; 50. Canceling HTML editing in comments – WordPress allows surfers to comment on content, and if you haven’t cancele the comments option, you’d better cancel the option to edit HTML in comments. The reason for this is very simple: in HTML you can add links and then your site will become a hotbe of links and this is not something that anyone wants.

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Canceling the HTML is done by adding the following line of Poland Phone Number List code to the function.php file in the template: add_filter’pre_comment_content’, ‘wp_specialchars’.; conclusions After you have update the WordPress system, with the help of this checklist you can make all the important settings and changes for the spee, security and optimization of your new website. Backing up your website is the most important thing, followe by its security. Look for the plugins to secure the website and its backup – there are free ones that do the job very well and are well rate. We hope this checklist helpe you and don’t forget to save it for any site you install in the future.

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And don’t forget, in WordPress, almost everything has a CG Leads plugin, but not every plugin works with every template and with the other installe plugins. For any and every question, we are here and will be happy to help! Shay Bankhalter So it’s true, installing the WordPress system is a relatively simple operation and in most cases, the management panel from your storage notebook. already enables the installation quickly, if it is not possible to simply download the installation file from here and upload the file to the root folder and then deploy the zip file and set up a database in storage.

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