Conduct A Direct Conversation And Answer Questions

Facebook Live video is a video streaming service that allows anyone to broadcast video from a computer or smartphone in real time. ; broadcast an event: conference, seminar, interview with an expert; show the “behind the scenes” life of the company; demonstrate the product; hold a competition or prize draw; much more. Facebook aims to increase the reach of such content: Live videos are place at the top of the news feed, and subscribers receive notifications about the broadcast. If you schedule your broadcast ahead of time and alert your subscribers, your coverage will be even higher than a spontaneous broadcast. Interaction with subscribers If you expect engagement from your followers.

The Trust Of Potential Buyers

You need to be engage and responsive too. Track all requests: comments and reviews. Offer help, ask counter questions, thank for the feedback. For example, HubSpot often initiates conversations and exchanges on the page by asking subscribers questions. The comments are always interesting discussions. “You have been hired as Latvia Mobile Number List the Chief Marketing Officer and task with doubling your brand awareness. What will you start with? Source Reply to messages quickly Facebook Messenger is both the first touch point and a long-term way to communicate with the client. If you don’t take advantage of it, you’re missing out on potential buyers. By accepting and quickly processing all messages, you can: to keep potential buyers at the moment when they are intereste in your product.

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Positive Recommendations Inspire

Better understand the needs and problems of users; earn trust; get a “very actively responding to messages” badge, which means encouraging users to write to you even more often. icon “very actively responding to messages” To achieve this result, we use our own product – Ringostat Messenger . This is an extension for the Chrome browser that helps our managers quickly respond to all messages. As soon as users write to the chat on the Facebook page or through the messenger widget on the website, Ringostat Messenger instantly receives a notification – even if the messenger is closed and the browser is minimized. And the manager can: respond quickly – until the user closes the chat; address the interlocutor by name.

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