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It is easy to use and visually very attractive fastlane theme . Speedfly theme (paid): here is one of the best French-speaking Shopify themes, designed by and for e-commerce experts. It impresses with its superb design and ease of use. The Speedfly theme also allows you to sell through drop shipping. Its after-sales service and its community are appreciated for discussion. theme Photos, illustrations, lifestyle shots: showcase your products through images It is common to see good traffic on a Shopify online store, while sales are not taking off. The problem may come from converting the visitor into a buyer. Do your products make people want to buy? Does the Internet user see enough of the product? A product page must persuade the customer that your product is effective.

Important role to play in boosting your sales

Photography has a very important role to play in boosting your sales. Design for Shopify – ONE image Highlight your Shopify store with images! Source: Canva Attractive photos of your products are: professional and attractive photos of the Image Manipulation Service product, showing it from all angles photos of details (small details often make the difference!) images of the product in use images showing the different colors, different variants or different flavors illustrations or photomontages, to explain, show, present lifestyle photos A word of advice: invest and hire a professional photographer if you want your photos to have a real impact on Internet users (and therefore on your conversion rate!). Boost your sales with a banner image that calls to action The banner of your Shopify store is crucial: indeed.

Image Manipulation Service

An effective banner encourages action and includes

It is what gives a first impression to Internet users. It must highlight a product or a collection while being persuasive. An effective banner CG Leads encourages action and includes a CTA (call-to-action) button to give the user an indication of what to do: click, buy, order, discover, etc. For a call-to-action button, use simple terms, an imperative or infinitive verb (“Buy”, “Buy”) plus, possibly, an additional object ( “Discover the collection ” ). Do not hesitate to make a Shopify banner design mixing image and text. Keep it simple: choose a nice image of your product, and add a phrase depending on the context, for a new collection, a special promotion, etc. Integrate social proof into the design of your Shopify store! Does social proof speak to you.

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