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Gravatar setup Plugins to install after installing WordPress 28. Installing Caching Plugin One of the most important things on a website is its speed and for the website to be fast, the most important plugin to install is the Cache plugin. There are quite a few plugins that offer this service, some for a fee and some for free. The best known are calle: WP Super Cache, Wp-Rocket and of course W3 Total Cache which contains additional features. Installing the Caching Plugin The installation of the cache plugin is the same as for any plugin and don’t forget to clear the cache when you’re done editing your desire settings. 29. Installing a security plugin Another very acute plugin is a security plugin and this is thanks to the fact that WordPress sites that are not secure can be hacke relatively easily.

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The supply of security plugins is large and we can Pakistan Phone Number List recommend you WordFence or Sucuri, if you are looking for free options. Installing a security plugin What is important in a security plugin is: IP blocking, limiting login attempts, malware scanning and double authentication to login. 30. Installing an anti-spam plugin Even if this is the first time you install WordPress, you must have come across a plugin calle Akismet . This is a free plugin that is friendly to use and is, gentlemen, develope by the WordPress company – Automatic. Installing an anti-spam plugin Most likely it was automatically installe for you when you installe WordPress and now you need to activate it. Generate the API key and activate the plugin. 31. And how is it possible without Yoast.

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The most well-known and popular plugin, which is also CG Leads use by promoters, is Yoast. We recommend this plugin even if you have hire the services of the best promotion company in the world, so that when you upload content, you can properly optimize it and contribute to the promotion efforts of your website. Yost is not only a promotion plugin but it allows you to connect the webmaster tools, create sitemaps, manage the headquarters descriptions, connect your social accounts and more. Yost Plugin 32. Installing JetPack And this time an add-on is recommende but not mandatory. Jetpack helps you expose your content on social networks after you’ve publishe it. and connect your site to.

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