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Date and time settings A little tip from us especially for you bloggers, the date and time settings are very acute especially when you schedule posts for future publication. 8. Language definitions As part of WordPress being such a popular website management system, it can be said that most languages ​​exist in the system and it is very worthwhile to define your native language. To set the language go to general settings then language settings. Choose your preferred language and save. By the way, you can define the language while installing WordPress and there are templates that come with a ready language.

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Language settings 9. Updating the WordPress version Netherlands Phone Number List One of the important things is to update your WordPress version. Do not assume that if you have installed a certain template, it is up to date. If there is an update, we will update without thinking twice. WordPress version update And don’t forget to back up your files before updating. 10. Deleting dummy content and example posts When installing WordPress or after installing a template, there will always be dummy content that should be deleted. Mark the content and delete it – also from the trash can. 11. Creating website pages There are several pages that every website needs, among which we will find the contact page or the about page. After deleting the dummy content, create the important pages and proceed from there.

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All you have to do is go to “Pages” and then click CG Leads on “Create a new page”. Make sure to create these pages before you create the Site menu. Creating website pages 12. Setting up the main menu Every website needs a main menu and it’s really easy to set it up. Just go to the website visibility menu and click on “Menus”. Main menu setup Give your menu a name and it should be a name that does describe the menu itself main menu or something like that. And then add the pages you want to appear in the main menu.

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