Close Friends: the New Tool for Select Friends of Instagram Stories. Find Out What It’s About!

Now it is possible to make Stories only for a select group of friends. After a year of testing, Instagram launches the “Close Friends” tool. Get to know it! Hi, how are you? December has arrived, the month of gifts and family reunions and, so as not to be left out of context, we brought you a little gift for you to enjoy with your closest friends and relatives. Today we will talk about a new function of Instagram Stories that, as you may have already noticed, is the most commented platform and with the most news in the second half of 2018. In this year’s retrospective, WhatsApp gains ground, Facebook loses reliability, ephemeral content becomes popular, and YouTube expands its concept and competes directly.

The Importance of Interpreting the User

The answer is simple, because it knows how to interpret what the user wants! Instagram understands the concept of evolving together and sensed the changes in the sensibility of the new generation: selective art director email list intimacy. Centennials were born digitized and not only know all the good things about technological possibilities, but also the bad things, overexposure, data loss, fake news, etc. That is why they opt for subgroups, because that way they can have a little more control over the content they produce to share. In other words, produce videos or photos that already have a defined audience. It is that Instagram is several steps ahead because it defined its line of work thinking about the concept of micro-influencers, this means that it does not think.

Finstagram the Forerunner

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That is the name of the practice that gave birth to this new function. Instagram (Friend Instagram) are parallel Instagram accounts that the same user has in order to select the circle of people to whom they send content. It is the closest thing to WhatsApp groups, but let’s agree that it is not so practical. That is why the developers of Instagram worked intensively to create a mode that would allow their users to do this without having to create multiple accounts. Close Friends This is how the Close Friends function was born, an exclusive circle CG Leads of friends that you choose to share the Stories you prefer. The key to this genius is understanding that the user often thinks of a certain group of people before creating the content.

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