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Work with clarification of interests Another way to narrow down. Your audience is to enter an exact keyword in the search bar. For example, yoga. Below there will be a whole list of all kinds of yoga, among which you can choose the most suitable and accurately describing your service. Another way to narrow your audience is to enter an exact keyword in the search bar. On the right you can see a detailed description and the size of the audience that is interested in your topic. Although at first glance it seems that there is plenty to choose from, believe me – the system does not show all the existing interests. Suppose your target audience is not just interested in a healthy lifestyle and goes in for sports.

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And he is fond of certain fitness games. For example, CrossFit Games. Such interest exists, it can be found and asked. But Facebook does not show it – it is hidden. What are hidden interests Hidden Interests are user interests that are not shown Luxembourg Mobile Number List when setting up Facebook Ads. The reasons why we do not see hidden interests can be different: from the banal lack of translation from English into Russian to violation of Facebook rules. For example, interest in gambling. But if an interest is not translated into Russian or is not widely distributed among Russian-speaking users, this does not mean at all that it cannot be used to set up advertising in Ukraine.

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When should you fine-tune your targeting with hidden interests? Detailed targeting using hidden interests is a useful tool under certain conditions. There is another advantage of granular targeting – low competition . If you’re running public interest ads like Facebook offers, you’ll have to compete with a huge number of advertisers. But for hidden interests, much less advertising is launched. This means that it will reach your potential buyers more quickly and cost you less. Ringostat will help increase the effectiveness of advertising 20+ reports that will help you evaluate the return on advertising.

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