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To find out what integrations are configur for the project, you need to go to your Ringostat personal account and select the “Integration” item in the left menu. In it, you will see which integrations are already connect to the project: How to find out which integrations are connect to a project in Ringo stat If the bundle you need is not connect, you can select it from the list of ready-made integrations and customize it to the needs of the project. And in the case when the service you need is not in the list, you can connect an individual solution using: API is a set of ready-made tools for working with external software products, such as CRM, statistics and analytics systems; Web hooks is a notification of third-party applications about events in Ringo stat by sending.

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A set of parameters, for example, the source of the referral, the caller’s number, and others. If you still have questions about integrations, you can and should ask our technical support . They will definitely help you figure out the settings. 4. This is a very important point. After all, you can write the most compelling ads and customize them to show Lanka Mobile Number List them to the right audience. But if managers do not take calls and skillfully lead leads to a purchase, then advertising funds can be considered wasted. To see the number of missed calls, you need to go to your Ringo stat personal account and select the “Report on unprocessed missed calls” item in the left menu. It will look like this: Report on missed unprocessed calls in your Ringo stat account For example.

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The all-Ukrainian chain of auto goods stores ATL , using call tracking, found out that it did not have too many missed calls, only 5%. But even this number has been reduced. To do this, they hired another manager and changed the work schedule of the sales department. In the article “Checklist: make sure you have done everything so as not to miss calls” we talked about how to minimize the number of missed calls. 5. Set up notifications about important events and receive regular reports on key indicators Reports . For example, you can receive data about calls from contextual advertising in a letter every week and quickly respond to changes in campaign performance. Weekly call count report Notifications about missed calls or, for example, voice mail messages, allow you to quickly connect.

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