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I will deal with this problem towards the end, so as not to confuse readers. Method for solving the problem – de-segmentation Let’s say you increased your budget and see that there are more reach and clicks. Now we need to force Smart Shopping to display products in a different price range. Deseg mentation will help us with this. The client who described the problem above has the same type of product, but with a different price tag. Therefore, breaking down campaigns by product type will not work. What to do? So, you can try to segment products by price tag. We break Smart Shopping into two campaigns: budget goods remain in the existing one.

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More expensive ones are added to the new campaign. So that these campaigns do not compete with each other, I advise you to watch a video on the structure of Google Shopping campaigns on our channel . After breaking down into several campaigns, correctly Guatemala Mobile Number List assign budgets and set the optimal profitability. This is how we will force Smart Shopping to display more expensive products. And then you need to look at how well the assortment with a higher check is converted. This is the easiest option. Method of solving the problem – profitability correction Let’s say you divided the assortment into different campaigns, but still there is no traffic within them for some positions.

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Then look at the size of the profitability in the settings that you set. Maybe he’s too tall? Profitability correction Let’s say you set a profitability of 500%, and Smart Shopping displays only a part of the products in order to achieve it. Try to reduce it in order to rank and “shuffle” a larger assortment among themselves. What to do if Smart Shopping showed products more or less evenly before, but not all of them converted in top impressions and clicks If in this case you increase the budget or dissegment campaigns, then the dynamics will remain approximately the same. It turns out that the expenditure part will increase, but the profit will not change, and may even worsen. This can mean three things: Smart Shopping does not have enough information on whom to target in order to receive conversions.

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