Learn About How Twitter Works and How It Can Help You Capture More Audience

Social networks give us endless possibilities to carry out an excellent marketing campaign, however, almost all the efforts made are directed to Facebook. What some are discovering is that excellent results can also be obtained in other social networks and one of them is Twitter. Learn all about it and find out how it can help you capture a growing audience! Twitter is not a social network with such a large audience as Facebook, however, we must think that, just as it does not have as many users, it does not have as much competition either. A good marketing campaign on Twitter can bring you excellent results and even more so if it allows you to capture an audience that prefers this network to others. It is obvious that on Twitter the number of publications.

What is the Dynamic That Twitter Has?

Twitter merges the concept of a social network with that of a blog. Which is defined as microblogging. In this network, the publications cannot have. More than 280 characters, its objective is to have. Short and objective publications that facilitate the transmission of information. The Investors email list social network was created in 2006 and was very different. From what it is now, with more than 300 million active users. Originally twitter posts could only be 140 characters long, which. Severely limited communication in some languages. The increase to 280 characters was not for all languages. Fortunately, spanish was one of those that underwent this adjustment.

How Does Twitter Work?

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Twitter works a little differently than other social networks. The relationship between the contacts is similar to that of Instagram, it is not reciprocal. On Twitter, users can have two roles: followers and followers. Among your contacts you will have two groups, those you follow and those who CG Leads follow you. Logically in these two groups there can be users in common, in this case they are said to be co-followers. When you follow someone you can see their posts on your timeline, these posts are known as tweets on the platform, the same goes for those who follow you, your tweets will appear on their timeline. Since it is you who decides who to follow, the content you see on your timeline depends on you.

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