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Google makes several tools available to every person and another tool is AdWords . When the two are connected, it will be possible to obtain broader information, which includes determining whether the advertised ads actually work. All we are saying, or rather Google is actually saying, is that if we take all the information that can be obtaine with the help of Google tools, mainly Google Analytics, and process it for x amount of time, it will be possible to identify and segment the audiences until reaching the correct and most target target audience. Maybe we should start approaching the work itself and learn how to set up the analytics and how to extract from it the information about the digital campaigns and the traffic on the site.

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Create an account So as we said, Analytics is a free service and Kenya Mobile Number List anyone who has a Google account can enjoy all its goodness. Let’s go ahead and say in advance, that one analytics account can manage several websites and also several profiles per departments in the same business – for example, if the business has several departments and you need to know separately what each department does, then you can divide this into analytics and thus extract information per department. Account creation steps Go to the analytics address at: www.google.com/analytics and enter the require information, including what you want to track. Tap on get a tracking code and copy the code that will generate. This code helps Google track all actions performe on the website and must be add to all website pages. Opening an analytics account.

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If you manage a WordPress site or any other CMS, such as CG Leads Drupal, adding the code is very easy and you can add the code to the header template file. Also, it is important to know that you can download a plugin Yost, for example, which will fulfill many additional needs in terms of SEO. and upload the code using the plugin more easily. We assume that you have more tracking tags and if you need help managing them, Google thought of that too and its solution comes in the form of a tag manager tool calle Google Tag Manager and yes, it’s also free.

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