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We hope you find this post enriching for your marketing strategy. Just so you know, it includes affiliate links, so Nido Colectivo can get a percentage of each sale. Surely you have heard all kinds of comments regarding network marketing, some positive and others negative, and you cannot make a decision without clearly knowing what multilevel marketing is . Although there are many companies that apply it, you need to differentiate it from pyramid schemes so that you beware of scams. Let’s look at the full concept of multi-level marketing and learn how to differentiate it from pyramid scams. In addition, I present some real examples of companies that have been consolidated with this market model. Finally, there are some tips to keep in mind so that the networking strategy works.

It is a business model

What is multilevel marketing? That is based on the direct commercialization of products between the seller and the client , with the characteristic that the same client Argentina Phone Number List can become a seller. Through this system a network of distributors is create, who will also recruit more members. The main objective is not to earn a lot of money in a short time. But to increase sales and strive to recruit more sellers, since by recruiting other representatives you will receive income from their sales. Its popularity is due to the low cost of investment, usually it is only necessary to buy a sample kit to start promoting the products. Although it is recommended to start by selling to friends or family. It is becoming easier to expand through email marketing, social networks or conference calls.

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Multilevel scams can sneak in

But beware, because along with this technique. What are multilevel scams? Because of how easy it can be to convince people to participate. Some take advantage CG Leads of disguising their pyramid scheme as a multi-level marketing business . In these cases, those recruited contribute money and expect others to do so in the hope that the income will be “distributed” and everyone will benefit. Multi-level marketing was born in the. United States in the 1940s and so far many well-known companies have applied it successfully. Although they all cover different markets, they have something in common and that is that they promote products that are in demand.

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