Buyer Person or Brand Person? Discover Their Differences and How You Can Integrate Them Into Your Strategy

In the world of marketing, it is quite common to hear the term person. However, what many still do not know is that with it, we can refer to two different concepts: buyer personas and brand persona. As their names indicate, while one refers to the brand, another refers to the consuming public. Understanding the differences between a buyer persona and a brand persona, as well as how they can work together, is critical to developing your strategy. It is in this task that we will help you in today’s article. Enjoy reading! This is essential for creating content that pleases your audience, helps them solve their problems and allows you to establish a more intimate relationship with them. After all, the buyer persona will allow you to generate more leads, conversions.

What is a Buyer Person?

Surely you have already heard of the target audience, the concept that defines a group of people according to criteria such as gender, age, and geographical location. Although the buyer persona is also based on criteria like these, its definition seeks to deepen and bring a more human definition, with specific attributes. Going beyond the demographic and socioeconomic investor email list profile of the public, the buyer persona determines the profession, family data, desires and difficulties, personal preferences, habits, needs, etc. Thus, the definition of the public becomes much more concrete, which makes it easier to reach potential customers efficiently. If you know the details of the profile of your consumers, you will be able to develop assertive and well-oriented communication, since you will know exactly what to say, how and when. 

What is a Brand Person?

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If in the buyer persona the focus is on your clients and potential customers, in the brand persona the base is you, that is, your company. Here, we deal with brand personification. The brand persona conveys the values ​​of a brand, and defines the way in which the company expresses itself and how it is identified by people. In other words, it is the way you behave in front of the CG Leads public and the language you use. Personification can be the tone in which you communicate (formal or informal), the use of a promoter (someone famous to represent your brand, for example) or even a mascot, like Mickey, that characterizes Disney. The brand person can also be reflected in customer service. 

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