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Minuses: high cost of the full version – from $49 to $79 per month; no filter by hashtags; no search and analysis of influencers. Analytics Analytics is a service for analytics and evaluation of the results of advertising campaigns in social networks. Unlike built-in statistics, Facebook and Instagram have many advanced metrics. Functionality for a marketer Data analysis by impressions and reach . Advertising cost analytics, CPC, CPM – cost of clicks and thousand impressions. Number of clicks per page . Evaluation of the CTR indicator – . Monitoring the number of applications. Pros: the number of reports is not limited; daily data update; reports are uploaded in PDF, JPEG, MS Excel, Google Sheets formats; a free trial period that lasts three months.

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Minuses: high cost of premium tariffs – from 1750 to 4500 rubles per month. Instagram Ads Report Instagram Ads Report conclusions The choice of tools for analytics depends on the goals and objectives. Among the selection criteria: competitor analysis; possibility of integration; hashtag filter; social media content analytics. tracking brand mentions; availability Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number List of a free trial period; the cost of access to the full functionality of the service; To achieve the set goals, the marketer selects the necessary tools, conducts segmented, and then generalizing data analytics. Based on the information received, he makes a decision to change the strategy for business development in social networks. A lot of companies are promoted by agencies or freelancers. But how to clearly agree and describe what you need.

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Usually this requires a brief. Experts from the Workspace tender platform told how to create a brief for contextual advertising. What questions should be in this document and why contractors and customers of the service need it. Reading time 6 minutes You can immediately jump to the desired section: Features of contextual advertising niche Brief for contextual advertising: what is it Brief questions for contextual advertising How to issue a brief for contextual advertising: template Victoria Victoria, editor of the Workspace blog Features of contextual advertising niche Before talking about the brief, I want to remind you of the nuances of setting up and maintaining contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is direct response advertising.

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