Brand Journalism Marketing or a Branch of Journalism?

Until today there are many tools that a brand can use to give rise to communication with its audience, the news of these information channels has demanded updates when generating content. Said content must be increasingly strategic , so it is worth asking. What we know as brand journalism, is it really journalism? What can it bring us in addition to the transmission of corporate news ? How do we classify brand journalism? Journalism without objectivity? Faced with this question, it is important to consider that journalism uses objectivity as its fundamental pillar when communicating information. But a brand that seeks to convince its audience cannot really be objective if it intends to pursue its goals related to marketing. Let’s remember, content marketing seeks to build customer loyalty.

This could be translated

And add people to the community of brand followers.  Into exploiting the strengths of the company in order to guarantee a good impression. And brand journalism Philippines Phone Number List uses the journalistic genres and the media to present the information and pursue the same end. So, the task of journalism would be to inform the community of followers in a transparent and truthful way. Although, many have used brand journalism to spread only the corporate news of the company, guaranteeing the good impression of it, while moving away from objectivity. Therefore, brand journalism can make use of journalistic genres, it can make use of the media, it can disseminate current, transparent and truthful information. But by separating itself from objectivity it also separates itself from the essence of journalism.
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Rethink this term and recognize

So it would be valid to  if the use we attribute to it is correct. Inform is the new way of selling many recognize brand journalism as the practice that links journalism CG Leads with marketing. But it is interesting to identify if it is a new way of doing marketing, or if it is a new branch of journalism. To recognize then what brand journalism is all about. It is enough to take a look at its objectives. To next, some of them: through journalistic genres, it seeks to capture the attention of followers in order to convert them into customers. Disseminate real facts related to the brand. More than informing seeks to generate content that consolidates feedback undoubtedly, many elements of journalism are present in the objectives of brand journalism.

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