Brainstorming: How to Be Efficient and Have the Best Ideas!

Brainstorming or in Spanish, brainstorming, is a widely used technique of group creativity and quite effective in companies, in which for a set time, the largest number of ideas around a topic must be proposed. brainstorm Finding efficient solutions for the different problems that arise in the day to day of a company is a challenge, since it requires a high level of strategic thinking and taking into account many variables that come into play. To the grace of all, there are some resources that become easier in this process, such as brainstorming, which has already been used for decades in companies of all sizes and segments, in order to encourage innovation. However, it’s not enough to just get everyone in a room and wait for great ideas to come along. So how do you brainstorm really efficiently?It is about this that we will talk in this article. Let’s go!

What Exactly is Brainstorming?

The concept of brainstorming or brainstorming – bringing a group together and. Discussing various ideas around a common problem. Is not new to anyone who is already a marketing professional. But what many do not know is that this term, coined by businessman. Alex faickney osborn more than 6 decades ago, does not mean having. A storm of ideas – as the english name german phone numbers might suggest. According to osborn. The original thought behind the expression brainstorm had to do with. Attacking a problem (“storm” can also mean that) using the mind. Do you notice the difference? A brainstorming session is much more. Than “having several ideas”. This should aim to solve a problem through creative collaboration.

Why is It Worth Making Brainstorming a Habit?

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With the more nuanced idea of ​​what brainstorming really is, it begins to make more sense to us why this practice is so widespread. But is it worth making this a habit in your company? Certainly! The CG Leads more brainstorming sessions you run, the easier it becomes for everyone on the team – or even the company – to come up with smart solutions in even the most difficult situations. On top of that, when everyone collaborates with each other to solve problems, the team becomes more cohesive, jobs become lighter, and overall satisfaction levels rise.5 things not to do during brainstorming.

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